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Project Description
How do I get the ease and efficiency of my work in VFP (R.I.P. 2010)? The answer is here: the ProSysPlus.Net Framework. Why is it open source? Why is it based on IronPython? What does it include? Check that out here:

Framework Components

The Framework Components being developed here fall into these descriptive namespaces:

  • PSP.Data: data access and data triggers and rules
  • PSP.Utils: utilties
  • PSP.UI: forms and controls
  • PSP.Meta: classes for working with metadata
  • PSP.MetaUI: UI for working with metadata
  • PSP.Security: because we're dynamic, security is too.
  • PSP.Reporting: initially, making working with Crystal as easy as it is now.
  • PSP.Communications: mostly friendly wrappers for most-used WCF functionality
  • PSP.BRules: Business Rules linked to metadata
  • PSP.Test: Unit Testing taking advantage of the metadata

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